Monday, June 13, 2011

Todays creations

Today I have been following in the trend from the past week and been creating things...

I started by creating a chunky vegetable soup, as an aid for my 'fitting into my dress' diet and partly using up the veg in the house. 
In  the time that it was cooking I decided a needed a snack and so created a gorgeous pita pocket.

The soup turned out nicely and was very welcome at lunchtime...

After finishing the soup the days task really began and I set to work creating a gardening apron from a curtain sample that I recently purchased from the local curtain shop which is closing for refurbishment soon.

I decided on a short 'skirt' apron with shallow pockets on the bottom. For this I used the top of the curtain sample so most of the work was already done. But it needed hemming and pockets creating, that and tie ups...

The final creation:

This will definitely come in useful in the garden as I am one of those people who will always wipe their hands on what ever they are wearing, no matter how dirty they are. Next task a kitchen one, because that habit is present there too...
The whole outfit:

Having made myself a shiny new item for the garden I thought I would have to use it so have been out looking at the Veg bed. I have one courgette which I am going to have to keep an eye on, and work out how to tell if it is ripe.
I have also added some more of the Rainbow Chard to the Veg bed from pots and taken up the Asda garlic as it was dying back and the shop bought stuff is still growing strong. I also wanted to try out the wet garlic phenomenon mentioned by Alys.

I have also cut down the sycamore tree saplings in the front garden but will need a much more vigorous approach to tackle the roots!!

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