Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apples Apples Apples

I have finally got round to using up some of the apples that were brought to me by my parents the other week. I have adapted this recipe with  around 650g of apples instead of 900g, a bit more sugar (I might have misread the instructions to cook the apples with only a portion of the sugar!) And mixed the apple mix with the oats rather than having it in a layer. And as is always the way with my oven cooked for longer!

They turned out lovely, if a little chewey in the centre.

I also made a chai syrup from this recipe I stopped at the stage of adding milk. Strained the lot and added to a pretty bottle.
Put a little in a glass and topped up with milk :D Delish, and considerably less sugary than the starbucks version!

Now off to the first dance class of the new term :D