Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The begining of the Rest of my Life...

Today is the day for the attitude here goes nothing!
I have my VIVA today which is the last bit of assessed work for the whole of my Uni degree and could have an effect up on the grade I receive in my Dissertation!!
Well here goes nothing... 

Wish me Luck, I'm going to need it :p

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Its Done!!!

At last!

Yesterday I handed my dissertation in :D
So now I have more time on my hands. A little over a week left at Uni... scary times.

I have spent this evening in the garden and it felt so nice to be able to potter with out having a time limit (I have had to do my gardening before I leave for uni in the mornings so have been on a very tight schedule)

Additionally my herbs arrived today so it has been even more exciting.

Photos to follow soon. Night all, I am off for a well deserved hot bath and long sleep x

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless wednesday

The gorgeous foliage on my free Lillys :D

This flower turned up in the Daffodil pot, not sure what it is...

Gorgeous mix of colours in a pot given to me by my grandmother Rosemary


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finally Rain

Well isnt it nice to finally receive rain :D

We have been waiting a number of weeks for a good ol' soaking. and boy did we finally get it. 
It has rained on-off for the last two days and the garden is looking much better for it. My lawn was starting to look like it was mid summer with cracks appearing because it had dried out too much! We are barely into May yet, I hate to see what the rest of the summer has for us. Although the plants that have been hand watered seem to be doing ok :D 

I have flowers just starting to appear on my two store bought (yes I know!) tomato plants.

Some flower buds have appeared on my largest green skinned squash plant.

I have two loads of cut and come again salad on the go, although the first one is reaching the end of its life and will need re planting. It does have two plants which have bolted and are in flower now.

The Iris has started to throw up flower buds too :D
And to top this off my Orchid is into its fourth round of flowers, :D 
(I dont have a picture of this yet. But instead I will show off my Lavender buds )

I cannot wait till I have time to work in the garden, I am managing to fit a little bit of 'house keeping' around my 12/13 hour days at uni at the moment, and have given myself the morning off today (well I'm not going in till 9, and am already finding this difficult!) 

The level of loveliness has just got one better as I have just seen a coal tit feeding around my herb garden even though the kitchen doors are open and Im sitting just the other side of them.

I hope the weather is good with you ...