Monday, June 13, 2011

Pita snack

Today I invented a new recipe for a quick snack. Creating a new filling for a pita pocket which was just calling my name.

1. Toast the Pita, then cut in half. Open out the two halves at this stage to make a space to fill the centre (if you leave this too late they will break, learnt from personal experience)
2.  Using your favourite pesto, spoon some into a bowl. I used this wonderful white pesto from our local international food store (love that place :D )
 add some left over tomato salad from last nights meal...

 3. My secret ingredient is my Nan's ketchup. This is a slightly spicy and not too sweet sauce. Normal ketchup or tomato purée would do nicely.
4. Mix together in a bowl with a bit of grated cheese, then spoon into the open pitas.  Microwave for approximately 40 s to slightly melt the cheese then enjoy ...

Yummy :D

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