Sunday, June 19, 2011

Knowing when to harvest...

This is becoming my new challenge, there is so much advice out there on how to plant your veg and how to care for it. When to pot on, when to plant out. What fertiliser to put on it... etc etc. 
But the advice seems to tail off with respect to when to harvest. The packets give a rough estimation of the months that the fruit or veg will be ready in but thats it. 
In addition there is an even smaller amount of information, easily accessible, on what to do after this (for newbies). With respect to all plants. For example, how to deal with bulbs after they have flowered, do you pull them up and dry them and then re plant or just leave in the ground and hope for the best :p

Anyways Harvesting...
I have found that I have a problem of not knowing when all my veg is ready for harvesting. I realised this when the elation of having the first one of my courgettes grow had worn of slightly and I started thinking: So how long till I can eat this? The same is true for the Chantennay carrots that I am growing (with these I might have got impatient and pulled one up only to realise they still had a long way to go. They were edible but just very small!).

Apparently this courgette is now ready to be eaten :D 

Today I have been back out in the garden and the courgette has swelled up a bit, it is just longer than my hand and is too wide for me to me to grip round completely. I probably should have harvested it a few days ago but - better late than never. 
This evening we will see what it tastes like (other than victory), along with some of the Yellow Chard. :D Yummy. 

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  1. Everything looks wonderful. You'll get the hang of it eventually.
    Cher Sunray Gardens