Sunday, March 20, 2011

Planted (at last)

Yesterday was a wonderful day :D
I planted my first plant into the soil. This has been a long time coming since I first moved into the house noit quite two years ago. You might be asking what too me so long if there is sooo much to do in the garden.
Well I stripped back a lot of the excess growth and then waited for a year to see what came up (There is no point in putting extra plants into the garden when you could have some gems there already). During this time everything was grown in pots. Additionally I have been waiting because I was not really sure how I wanted the garden to look.
Well now is the time! The first plant has been put into the garden :D.
Three small clumps of Thyme Doon Valley have been planted at the front of the herb bed...
and here is the beauty. Ok so its not much to look at at the moment...
  Here you can see all three clumps, though I do have to say that the other two are looking much more sorry for themselves... Hopefully this trick I picked of from Rad Megan from 'In Words and Pictures' blog will help to keep the nasties away from my lovely herbs and is a good way to use up excess egg shells from the kitchen.

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