Monday, March 14, 2011

Latest Arrivals

It seems that its not only my Gran who knows me well but so does my Mum.
When she and my father came by the other day she brought with her a new plant :D my very own Lilly of the Valley
its really nice to have this now as my other scented flower is starting to die back now.
Onto the seedlings and not so much luck here this time... I planted a number of squash seeds (again taken from a store bought squash I liked) but only one seems to have germinated. But here he is starting to poke his head through. Not much to see yet but fingers crossed.
Now this lovely bloom I do not know what it is yet. It was a plant that I believe made its way into my garden from my mothers. it has been hiding away and has only just shown that it is a flowering plant. But isn't it lovely...

More of these primroses (?) they seem to have been flowering constantly for the last few months. Much to my pleasure. But they are being attacked by slugs or snails :'(

My one long flowering daffodil in the front garden. It is currently much to close to the drive so will have to be moved but I am waiting for it to be over as I don't want to disrupt its lovely 'spingness'. Hopefully I will have more flowering soon but as of yet the only one to have opened is the one that was already in the garden, the ones I planted are a bit reluctant to shine.

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