Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Greenhouse' update

Well at the weekend I went out into the garden and thought I would do a bit of clearing up and potting out of the garlic which has started to show that the pots I put it into were too small already and decided to see how warm the greenhouse was. News is it was doing its job :D I even decided it was bordering on a little too warm and opened it up to let a bit of the heat out. 
During last week I returned a little early from lectures and decided to plant some of the garlic which had arrived from the very lovely Thompson & Morgan and along with this I also planted some sore bought garlic which had had a good attempt at sprouting whilst waiting to be eaten. This way I can see if the T&M bought garlic is worth the extra money for or if I can just get away with what I would normally eat. Although next year I feel I will still buy some professionally grown stuff as I would like to try some of the more interesting varieties.

This weekend the asda bought garlic showed signs that it needed to be potted into deeper pots so I used up the youghurt pots and bottoms of milk bottles that I have hoarded over the last few months to pot on these garlic cloves. Most of the store bought garlic had not yet started to sprout but I think the asda set had a bit of a head start. 

On a less positive note there have been a few nights of hard frost lately and this has even hit the plants in my new 'greenhouse' it looks like it was a good bet of mine to leave a few of the butternut plants in the house just incase. These ones have started to grow their next set of leaves. Which is more than can be said for the salad that I planted at the beginning. It is still looking a lot like seedlings and not very much like stuff that I would put on my plate, but at least it is still alive. 

Additionally it looks possible that I may have managed to salvage a basil plant from the store bought pot that I recently purchased which would be lovely since I have never had good luck at growing this in the past.


  1. You've given me a fabulous idea! My garlic plant accidentally got mowed over last year and didn't survive the shock--but I have some from the store just sitting around! Ha ha! I do believe I'll PLANT it and see what happens...
    I never would have thought of that--silly me.

  2. Hey Launi,
    Im glad I have been able to give you some inspiration. I have yet to see exactly how well they will do but currently they are growing strong :D