Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting Parcels

Everyone knows its always nice getting post, even more so when its a parcel.  Well I managed to have both waiting for me when i got home from 10 hours of uni today! Yes Yes I do realise it is a Saturday. I have a deadline of 8:45 on Monday morning so will be back at uni again tomorrow morning too :(

But enough about that, more on the exciting packages:

I finally received the Patio Potato starter kit from T&M that I was wondering where it had got to. 
And the other slightly more exciting piece of post was the letter from my Nan that I was waiting for. I had spoken to her the other day about an early birthday present for me that she was suggesting (herb plants :D, she knows me well) I also requested some more soil from her garden to add to the back bed. 
She asked me if I would like some flower seeds that she had been given for free from T&M when she had ordered some other plants. Of course I was not going to say no! but now im wondering where they can go in the relativly small amount of space that my garden has left...
But I did spot that one of them has edible flowers apparently so I might be able to get away with having that one in my Herb Garden :D

Also today I gained some of my own free seed from T&M but these were more my style and were free veg/herb seeds :)

So in total today through my door came:
Potato Vales Emerald
Calendula: Apricot Twist (Edible flowers)
Marigold: Moon
Cosmos: Double Click Snow Puff
Cosmos: Seashells
Rudbeckia: Becky Mixed
Marigold: Scarlet Sophie
Marigold: Naughty Marietta
Lobelia: Crystal Palace
Stocks: Hot Cakes Mixed
Pepper Chili: Anaheim (anyone know how spicy this is?)
Carrot: Mini Finger
Herb: Coriander
Herb: Basil
Cabbage: Primo

And a £10 gift voucher...

So many choices...

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  1. My daughter has a dear friend from your lovely country, who sent her a package yesterday. Not as useful as your package--but pretty exciting anyway. It was full of CHOCOLATE!
    I have chamomile and mint in my beds but I would love to have calendula and a few good herbs. Hmmm...