Friday, September 16, 2011


Well I thought I would share a few photos with you.
I have recently downloaded the instagram ap onto my iphone and have had some fun with it.

The second of my orchids from IKEA has re flowered. I love these plants they are so bring and really have been worth the money. 
I have one that I cut down when the flowers were over and hasn't re grown yet, this one I didn't get round to cutting down in time and it sprouted a shoot from part the way down the stem. :D

I am getting slightly worried about my tomatoes not having time left this autumn to ripen, and if the weather does turn showery like it has been threatening then that is cause for concern about blight.So with this in mind I picked on of the tomatoes to have a go at ripening it inside. It is still green and solid so this experiment is definitely still ongoing.

This is a slightly more random photo and taken in my iphones normal (and not very good) style. But good news I finally found a coat I liked which didn't cost an outrageous amount of money. :D Autumn is coming fast and I am looking forward to this because I get to wear snuggly jumpers and ... warm coats, but I decided I needed a coat which was a bit brighter than my plain black one I already had. 
I have a white one with black polkadots :o shocking I know! But the sleeves are too tight on this to wear it with any form of jumper so it is more of a summer evening coat. 

Here is my new Autumn Winter coat:

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