Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birdsong and coffee cups

Well hasn't the weather been interesting lately! What is it with us British and discussing the weather? But with hurricane winds and torrential down pours in the last week its not that surprising that it is featuring in a number of gardeners thoughts.

Thankfully today the weather is gorgeous again, and I have the doors and windows open to try and get the house a little airing. Although there is a little chill in the air at the moment. This is nice as it gives me excuses to wear nice snuggly jumpers and boots :D
Sitting in my kitchen next to the open doors just now birdsong in the garden caught my attention and I looked to see a robin perched in the plum tree singing its little head off. It is so nice to see that there is a lot of wildlife here still. And what is nicer than a short distraction from work in the form of birdsong. 

I have been making this morning and am in the process of creating a set of coffee cup sleeves...

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  1. We were cold here this morning too. Straight from steaming hot to cold. Very strange year.
    Cher Sunray Gardens