Saturday, July 2, 2011

Falmouth II

I have now been in Falmouth for nearly a week and still have yet to set foot in any shop other than tescos and the local bakery. Much to my dissapointment, there are so many shops I would love to spend so much money in. Im sure my bank account is happy about this turn of events.

I have been out on the water every day which might not seem like such a hardship, and it probably isnt but it does limit the shopping and pasty eating time. I have yet to be able to eat a pasty as I have to be out on the water before the bakery has them out yet. I am having to make do with a double dose of sausage roll to make up for it.

I also cannot moan about the weather, with the exception of Tuesday, when half the chem lab ended up in the sink after one much larger than expected swell wave, there has been very little in the way of disturbance on the water. Today for example was as flat as a mill pond! 

This was me trying to take a photo of the sunfish that we saw with my iPhone camera but it shows the stillness of the water.
Unfortunatly the dolphins made an appearance at the geophysics boat but have yet to make themselves known to the offshore boat when I have been on it. They had them out on Monday before I had arrive but not again since...

Here is another early morning scene, we had probably been out surveying for around a couple of hours. Soon after this I decided it was too hot on the deck and had to spend time inside...

More lovely weather just before returning home around 4pm

Hope to be able to get some more proper pictures to you soon, My camera is still being cruel and not letting me connect it to my laptop :(

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