Friday, July 29, 2011

Divide and conquer

Yesterday I finally managed to get my claws into the garden after a forced absence caused by too much other stuff going on in my life. But now the kitchen has almost returned to normal, the parents have left and my sister has gone with them and I have finally left Uni. 
This is all combining to give me some free time.

I have been planting out some of the plants I have grown this year which was a very satisfying task. Once I had done those I decided that some of the other pots which either wern't ready to go in the ground or didn't have anywhere to go at the moment needed to be divided.

I divided the pulmonaria (possibly Trevi Fountain) into a number of pots. Recently I spotted that this has also managed to self sow itself into the edge of my herb garden which I am really happy about as this is a lovely plant with gorgeous long lasting flowers and really pretty foliage. 

On top of this I have divided one more of my parsley plants to see if I can grow this up a bit more.
In addition I have potted on the strawberry runners which I took from the purple flowered alpine strawberry and that my sister took from a white flowered one in my mothers garden. From these a few more runners had started growing so these are now secured into pots starting the process again. 

I am going to have to stop doing this soon as I currently do not have space for a strawberry bed which is what is going to be needed if they continue multiplying at this rate!

I am just going to show the progress of the chives which I divided In march (here) you can see the size of the two clumps of chives in the first picture in the original post.
Here is the size of the clump left in the window box (compared to my hand as a measure):

And this is the size of the clump which got divided into the bed (again using my hand as a guide):

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