Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Continued

So today when I was supposed to be getting ready to go to uni I might possibly have got distracted by the thought of what would be out in my garden at the moment. Since my sister got back from her weekend in London and so has returned my camera I thought I would take it out and see what I could find.

The first signs of spring in my bulb pot :D

With an additional burst of spring colour being added by some of the plants...

Although the slugs are trying to make a good go at reducing the display of this one...

Also the plants which got pruned rather aggressively are beginning to show new spring growth which is good as they were already established in the garden when I got it so it seems a shame to remove them now.

Although I do have to say the most exciting discovery that I have made today was this evening when I looked closely at my chilli plant that I have been 'overwintering' on the landing 'shelf' (there is no other way to describe it, technically it is a window sill but the window is much higher than the sill and stained glass so it doesn't get a huge amount of natural light). 
I have never over wintered a Chilli before and did not cut the foliage down on this one as it still seemed to be giving a good display and it seemed a shame to waste that as they are nice looking plants in themselves. 

But here it is the first sign of new growth for this year :D Ta Da...


  1. Oh--lucky, lucky you to have some color in your yard so soon! We have ZERO color and it's March! I love your pictures. Please, please post more. :]

  2. Hi, Yeah it is nice to get colour, although it is only in very small pockets of the garden at the moment.
    Move have come out recently though :D