Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunny Days

Today is the first sunny day in a little while and has made such a difference to the garden and to every one's attitudes, Although it did have a bad effect this morning of making me sit in the arm chair by the window with my morning coffee and stare out into the garden for far too long.

Currently we are in the middle of our uni exam period and I have my last exam ever tomorrow so really should have spent that time getting ready to go to uni to revise but it was so nice this morning that that didn't happen. One thing I did find out was that we have a pair of Blue Tits using the nest box on the wall outside the kitchen so that was nice, and the other day the bulbs in the pots at the back of the house showed their tips above the soil so that is going nicely :D

Its days like today that I find myself constantly day dreaming about the garden and what the next step is and planning what I would like to do to it. Thinking it through over winter I have decided that I would like to try and grow as much veg as possible in the garden this year. See what is possible with the tiny garden that we have and with this in mind I have been thinking of what veg I would like to have and where it would all go.

I am also trying to fit in sorting the beds, (raising the bed at the back and digging compost into the one outside the kitchen window) and sowing some seeds between finishing exams (Weds Lunchtime) and leaving Southampton to go snowboarding for a week (Thurs evening) !

Realising how much uni work I am going to have next semester, with 6 weeks of 8 hours of lectures a day and a dissertation to write the garden is going to have to be as low maintenance as possible.

Here goes planning, and hoping that the sun stays till the end of the week to help motivate me to actually do work in the garden and not just dream about it...

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