Friday, November 5, 2010

Potting up/out

On Wednesday the uni managed to break every network connection it has, and to be able to do any of my work I needed at least one of the connections if not more so this morning was a write off as far as uni work was concerned so I donned a pair of trousers that dont mind getting dirty and my boots and headed out into the garden.

Today I decided to plant the daffodil bulbs that my nan gave me recently and also the cyclamen that my mum bought on her last trip down here.
So I cut away the shrubbery from the two pots in the front garden which are bare at the moment and planted the daffodils in one of them and four of the cyclamen plants in the other. The soil was surprisingly nice, considering that nothing was growing in them (one or two tiny weeds but nothing else). Once I had done this it seemed silly to leave the last two cyclamen in their tray so I decided that they should be used up and I also had a few bulbs left over and so started a mass potting session on the lean to roof. (I have taken to working here as it is in the back garden and is about work top height so is nice for using to rest pots on etc, although the roofing felt has a habit of capturing dropped bits of compost!)

In the mass potting that followed I potted the extra cyclamen in their own pots, planted the remainder of the daffodil bulbs along with some other bulbs I bought recently. I have separated pots that came from my mother house and have either gained other plants during that time or she thought had given up the ghost and trained my mint plant into to grow another plant from (she is the only person in the world i know who can kill mint).
All of this potting has produced a large number of pots which have now all been moved together with any existing pots to the corner by my dining room/ utility room so that they can keep together and use some of the heat from the house to protect from the worst of any future frosts. Also so that I can use the herbs I have with out having to move too far into the garden when its cold and they can be admired from the comfy chairs in the dining room :D

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