Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Arrivals

New arrivals to the garden lately have been yet another mint plant.
This mint was ressurected from a 15p reduced mint plant from asda and is still going strong. It was re potted into a larger pot and has been going since then.

Posher plants to have made their way into my garden is a Japanese Acer, a small Olive tree and a Geranium.
the acer arrived shamefully not from a garden centre but from B&Q... My mother decided that she couldnt pass by it with out buying it, the same with the other two plants. My olive tree is about a foot tall and I am unsure how it is going to survive and grow in my mini, english weather garden but only time will tell.

In addition to these plants a number of additional herbs have congregated 'in' my garden. They are living on the front drive at the moment waiting for me to plant them in the main garden but the bed is not ready yet. Although one of the lemon thymes has been planted in the gaps at the edges of the steps where I have pulled back the 'weeds' that was there originally and I am waiting to find out if it will take before I add the other pots I have.

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