Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Riots

Well whilst I currently live in Southampton this is not where I am from. My parents live just on the outskirts of London and currently this is where I am! 
I have gone back to my parents for a few days to help out with work and bring my sisters hiking stuff up from Southampton.

I think it is awful what is happening in London and would like to extend my thanks and support to the Police officers who are trying to keep it under control, also to the fire fighters and ambulance/hospital staff out there. 

Last night I found it hard to sleep knowing that a number of my friends were in London at the time and a number very close to what was happening. 
Sometime after midnight I heard a series of loud bangs and knowing that some of the rioting had reached local towns I wondered if something had gone down near me. 
Looking out of my bedroom window I saw a plume of what could have been smoke against the orange glow from London (this is normal due to the street lights etc) but when my dad had a look it had spread out and looked a lot more like a cloud.

After this I had a very restless nights sleep, but upon waking up this morning the smoke/cloud was still there with barely another cloud in the sky and I realised I had been right in my first assumption that it was probably smoke. 
Driving to work this morning this was undeniably confirmed when huge clouds of black smoke were pouring off a nearby industrial estate.


Here is to hoping everyone I know and anyone you know is still safe xxx

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