Friday, April 8, 2011

Green Spaces

Today on my way to NOCS I stopped in town to get breakfast and by lunch before heading on for a heavy day of dissertation work.
After buying breakfast and a much needed Latte (I didn't have any milk in the house this morning due to a very forgetfull moment last night and leaving it in my friends fridge when popping by for a catch up) I decided to have my breakfast in the park in the middle of town.
I have to say a very grateful thank you to southampton council for keeping up the park in such a nice state. It was wonderfull to sit in such a green and luschous area in the middle of a busy town. You coudl still hear the busses and cars driving past but they were shut off from view and cancelled out by the sounds of birds in the park.

Since starting writing this post a lot has happened. Today I have spent more time updating the BBC news site than ever before. My uni building is inside the dock and there has been an incident upon the nuclear submarine that is docked down here at the moment and a sailor was killed. This makes me even more apreciative of the time I took to reflect this morning. I will make sure I tell M I love him this evening remembering that life is short...
I hope that everyone else remembers this too but doesnt have reason to be reminded of it often...

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